Integrated management for business enterprises

In trade and industry, land and real estate are crucial investment assets that need optimal management if they are to retain and grow their value. Aspects such as location, link to the logistics network, technical equipment and energy efficiency all play a key role in their profitable development.
We have been supplying a full portfolio of real estate services, from operations through to development and administration, to numerous companies for over 25 years on the basis of this holistic strategy.

One of the most important aspects is support for industrial enterprises which are looking to acquire and develop new locations. These will give them greater cost-effectiveness and optimal links to the transport network over the long term. As a full service provider GUV also offers a broad array of solutions that are tailored to the individual phases of its customers' projects.

New industrial plant in Lower Saxony

  • Site requirements and strategies
  • Land acquisition and buying
  • Planning and legal building procedures
  • Public funding
  • Raising capital and financing
  • Commercial project management
  • Investor and lease negotiations
  • Relocation management
  • Technical and business administration
  • Volume: 52 million EUR